Semalt: What is Ratware? Vivid Examples Of Ratware Mailout Messages

Ratware is a type of spam email that generates, automates and sends malware via texts and email attachments. This specific program is used by professional hackers and spammers to pummel a large number of webmasters, bloggers and email users with obnoxious emails. They aim to advertise pharmaceutics and pornographic materials through ratware or attempt to lure the users into email phishing scam.

Michael Brown, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, explains that ratware sometimes falsifies or spoof the source email addresses from which it will send the spam. The false email addresses often smear the legitimate person's ID, such These source addresses are a sign that you have been attacked by both ratware and professional spammers.

Examples of Ratware Mailout Messages:

The most common examples of the ratware messages are:

  • We are the most famous medications and pharmacy company (peddling pharmaceutics);
  • You have received the Insta-Kisses by Selena Gomez (this phishing scam will steal your sensitive information such as credit card details);
  • Steamy Hot Lesbian Girls want to talk to you on Live Cameras (peddling pornography and sensitive material);
  • Free 30-second Mortgage video available here (this is a form of identity theft);
  • Hurry up and get in touch with your soulmate before it's too late (this is a pump and dump email scam);
  • You have received 15 new luring pictures and videos (phishing scams);
  • Where do you live or where are you? (it is also a form of peddling pornography);
  • Most affordable sale prices on iPad available here (phishing scams);

Why is ratware a problem?

Ratware usually occurs to perform a variety of tasks. Firstly, it connects to your internet server or private connections and takes over your email systems permanently. Secondly, it sends out various emails to plenty of users in a very short time using hijacked computers. Thirdly, it disconnects your internet connection to perform some malicious activities secretly. Fourth, it repeats its actions once or twice a day without letting you know that spammers are using your computer system.

Where does ratware get your email addresses?

Hackers and professional spammers have invented various techniques to penetrate your personal email IDs, and aim to steal your private data and transfer your money from one bank account to another. They either insert viruses/malware into your systems or ratware through suspicious emails. Usually, ratware gets entered in our email addresses in four different ways: harvested list, dictionary list, black market list, and unsubscribe scam list.

How to get rid of ratware? Is there any software to deal with it?

Unfortunately, you will hardly find any anti-ratware tool on the internet as they are powerful malware and cannot be prevented with ordinary programs or tools. However, experts have created some products and applications that secretly act on ratware and ensure your safety. These anti-ratware programs are sold at heavy prices, between honest parties and cannot be accessed on ordinary software websites. As the anti-ratware programs are legal and in high demand, you would have to pay something from $100 to $5,000 to have its access and get rid of the ratware to an extent.